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Mini project in PHP with source code

Mini project in PHP with source code

The neon project provides a Project idea on PHP development with Source code. Php is an open-source language for web development projects. In this post, we are going to discuss PHP-based projects for students. These PHP development projects are quite user-friendly for database operations. We also offer full details about the learning kit to understand and learn about the hands-on development of the PHP-based system. If you want to get further information about these projects details then please visit our official website

CSE engineering students can select a PHP project topic from a long list of developed projects in that programming language. Their options include PHP project topics for beginners with source code downloads as well as working versions they can easily load onto their computers. It’s part of the CSE Projects category, which also contains PHP Projects for CSE final year students, many other PHP projects, as well as instant download PHP final year CSE projects and learn more about PHP projects with source code.


What is PHP?

PHP stands for PHP a powerful, popular, and open-source server-side scripting language used to create interactive and dynamic websites. Anytime you see something like <?PHP or <script type=”text/php”> tags in your HTML, you will know that code will be processed by PHP on the webserver since it is an embedded part of the PHP language. Considered one of the first server-side languages integrated into HTML pages to access data from separate files, PHP makes web development fun, easy, as well as fast – perfect for beginners who want to learn how to build basic websites.

PHP project with source code for CSE and IT Students

This article list some projects that can be used for Final Year Projects for CSE (Computer Science) and IT (Information Technology) students. The projects are designed or written using PHP, Visual Basic .NET, C#, as well as Python.

These projects will help you to increase your skills as well as knowledge in developing software-based, web-based, as well as online applications or websites. You can also use the projects as a connection that might be connected to your present projects.

The projects are transmitted by various developers as well as I can say that it could be wonderful to learn from various programmers that have various skillsets, the nature of coding, as well as techniques.

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What Creates Up a PHP Project?

A PHP project is not just PHP code.  It is a combination of PHP code, HTML files, CSS stylesheets, and JavaScript code which combine together to create an application.  A PHP developer should be able to design the user interface, program logic, and database interaction for the application.  Hence, a PHP developer should be a good programmer and also have a flair for good design.  This is a good combination to create a great PHP developer. Many things come jointly to creates a PHP project possible, including:-

PHP Development Environment/Language Release

If you want to code in PHP, or if you have an idea for a new website, then you need to learn how to use PHP as well as other complementary web technologies like CSS, HTML as well as JavaScript. If that sounds like more training than you are willing or able to commit to, then remember that our team is always ready to help you out with advice as well as support for your projects- because we are more than just developers.

Tools Development 

PHP projects need a PHP script. You can easily simply write a PHP script in notepad, notepad++ in a classic way. Here are some steps to create a PHP script:-

Step1: Create a new file using the most famous text editor Notepad++.
Step2: Write the PHP code or PHP Script.
Step3: Save a PHP file in your system ( computer) with a .php extension.

It is the best way when just launching out to learn PHP, without reinventing the wheel. The same, however, is an ineffective way while working on a full-fledged project. Even when learning advanced ideas that need jotting down Brobdingnagian balances of code.

To simplify working with PHP, there is an array of PHP development tools available. These are software, a collection of applications, as well as technologies that can be leveraged for rounding up a whole PHP project from beginning code inception to deployment as well as delivery.

simple php projects with source code for CSE as well as Students

Web Server

Since PHP is server-side, it can’t run on a web browser (which is client-side). Only a server is skilled in interacting with the PHP interpreter. The most popular options available for local servers are XAMPP as well as WAMP. They’re both free, open-source software that you can download from their respective websites.

Once they’re installed, you can access them through either Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/XAMPP or Control Panel/Programs as well as Features/WAMP. 

Database Management System (DBMS)

When creating a new product at the company, one must always keep in mind that there is data to be used. This data can be easily managed as simple files when it comes to small projects. However, the bigger, more complex, as well as more significant the project, the harder it will be for an individual to handle all of this data on their own because of how huge and complex it will become. 

There are two types of DBMS:-

  • MySQL
  • Oracle Database


The open-source relational database is the most popular option in the market. If you need to do an upgrade on your current system to the latest version, good news – MySQL has you covered there too! The MySQL extension or the PDO MySQL driver are used to establish connections to an SQL server under PHP 7.

Oracle Database

Oracle is one of the most common database types used in Linux and Windows systems. On those types of systems, Oracle can run on any server environment that utilizes an OCI8 extension.

Where to Get/Buy PHP Projects Code?

Several free repositories are offering PHP project code, scripts, and frameworks available to download that you can use as an educational resource. Here are the best places to find projects coded in PHP. If you want to learn more about how PHP can be used, it would be best to read a book or two on the topic. You could also find some online compilers that allow you to code without having to install any software onto your personal computer. The Best option is to buy a project at an affordable price and get an extra 50% discount on 

Best PHP Projects with Source Code Download in 2022

Now here’s how you can export the source code of PHP projects! If a source code is highlighted, then you can download it with a single click. Otherwise, if the title of the project has “source code” in it, simply select that link [give links to different ways to get the source code]. Some such projects also have links that ask if you want to join an invite-only mailing list as well as receive project updates on our website and videos.

  • Cloth shopping project in PHP with source code
  • Gift shopping website project in PHP with source code
  • Camera shopping store website project in PHP with source code
  • Mobile Shopping project website in PHP with source code

Cloth Shopping Project in PHP with source code

Yes, we publish a cloth shopping project in PHP with source code. We have used MySQL as a database and jQuery to create a dynamic website. It includes basket, logs in, register, checkout, update, as well as cart pages. You can download the PHP shopping cart with source code from the URL

Gift shopping website project in PHP with source code

We have developed a gift shopping website for one of our clients. This project publishes in PHP, MYSQL, as well as Bootstrap. We have also developed source code and database which you can use as per your requirement. Read more 

Camera shopping store website project in PHP with source code

The Camera shopping store project is a custom PHP and HTML shopping cart, developed for a client to sell digital cameras online. The database includes products, categories, manufacturers, reviews, as well as customers. Read more

Mobile Shopping project website in PHP with source code

Mobile Shopping project website in PHP with source code Download Project Source Code. This is an android project which is published in PHP mainly. This has lots of functionalities like user registration, user login, the home page, search page, etc. Read more

PHP Programming Environment

PHP is an open-source, general-purpose programming language that works well for web development. It can be embedded in HTML and its syntax allows it to be easily combined into existing HTML documents.

Considered a server-side language (like Javascript is considered a client-side language), PHP makes it easy to add functionality to web pages without having to access data from separate files.

The development of the webpage(s) using CSS as well as HTML is the first step of a typical PHP project. While HTML is used to give functionality to a webpage, CSS is used to define how everything is tailored to the users.

Then there’s PHP, a valuable script language used by web designers and developers to connect code to the internet so that it can be displayed or published.


Tools, Code Editors, and Frameworks

For a PHP project, one doesn’t necessarily need to use a complex PHP software package such as PhpStorm or Notepad++ – really anything will do (or nothing at all!) when it comes to creating your PHP script. The traditional method is to use the Bare Bones Editor (Notepad). To do so in Notepad, follow these steps:

  • With a simple click, open the popular text editor and create a new file.
  • Create a note of the PHP code
  • Then save this note .php extension to save your PHP coding.

It is the most favored method for learning PHP without reinventing the wheel. However, doing so while working on a full-fledged project or even mastering sophisticated ideas that necessitate scribbling down Bigger and bigger amounts of code is inefficient.

PHP developers have a variety of applications to choose from and there are plenty more out there that you can use at your disposal when it comes to your complete PHP project SDLC.

From developing apps to writing code, there are all sorts of free apps online, but not all are created the same – some have better functionality over others, some play nicely with other third-party apps, etc. 

PHP Code Editors

Many programmers have a tendency to get started on any kind of code such as HTML, CSS, or PHP by using the text editor that comes pre-installed with their operating system.

Text editors aren’t focused on ease of use the way full-fledged IDEs are, which means managing multiple files can become tricky and you may not be able to easily refactor things due to little organization.

  • Sublime
  • Notepad
  • Notepad++
  • Visual Studio

PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

When you need a full toolkit to power up and develop your next PHP application, you can use one of the many integrated development environments (IDEs) available.

As the name implies, integrated development environments (“IDEs”) integrate development features such as testing, debugging, version control, and much more into in-house software applications. The following are some of the most popular ones for PHP development:

  • PhpStorms
  • NetBeans
  • Eclipse
  • Zend Studio
  • Code Lobster
  • Microsoft Visual studio
  • Code Lite
  • Adobe Dreamweaver


This article provided you with the best PHP projects with source code available. You can save a lot of time by downloading these best-of-breed template designs which will make your website look beautiful. We regularly add new selections based on public demand as well as existing trends, so be sure to come back soon for more great content for your next website project.

We take great care to consider your input and try our best to answer any concerns or questions you may have.

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