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Data Flow Diagram of Insurance Management System


On this website online micro insurance analysis and information management system that provides simple access to learning about the people and sources of insurance. In this Data Flow Diagram of Insurance Management System blog, you can read about the Data flow diagram system. This site is not static but with wonderful dynamic tools like search tools for insurance awareness articles, guidelines as well as illustrations through images for guests. This site also presents various dynamic features.

The insurance policy inquiry system data flow diagram is often used as a preliminary step to build an overview of the insurance without running into great detail, which can later be elaborate.

It normally consists of the all-over application of dataflow and processes of this insurance process. It holds all of the user flow as well as their entities such as all the flow of insurance. All of the following diagrams have been using for the visualization of data processing as well as the structure layout of the insurance process and working flow.

Data Flow Diagram of Insurance Management System

Use Case Insurance Management System

The Insurance Management System in PHP is a really powerful insurance company that requires if handling various types of insurance. If you are watching for a solution to your current manual system that costs you a lot of time managing visitor’s insurance records.

Here we discuss the Use Case Diagram using include and extend 2021.

Use case diagram is a graphical representation of the relation among the elements of an insurance information system. IT represents the method used in system analysis to identify, and company system requirements of insurance information system. The Use Case Diagram is Admin Panel, User panel, Insurance Company.
Major elements of the Use Case Diagram of Insurance Information System are shown below in Diagram.


Scope of the Developed System

The developed system uses simply MIRC to provide online services to its member companies.
Data Flow Diagram of Insurance Management In this project, we use PHP language and Mysql databases. It has two modules.

  • User Module
  • Admin Module.

User Module:

User can create their account by using their username and password. In this module, there is two Section first is the Insurance section and the second is the Ticket section. Here we are discussing user modules like Insurance and Ticket.

  • Insurance: In this part, the user can ask for a policy and check his policy is approve or rejecte (which is done by admin).
  • Ticket: In this section, user can raise a ticket against any to complain as well as see the status of his/her ticket 

Users can also update/ her profile, change passwords as well as recover passwords.

Admin Module

Admin can also create their account by using their username and password. In this module, the admin can manage the whole project. Admin can manage categories as well as subcategories. He ensures people who deal with insurance companies. By using the admin panel you can manage the ticket section as well as read complaints of users in this Data Flow Diagram of the Insurance Management System.



So that the complete our discussion about the Insurance management system as well as use case diagram. May this article helps you in your future project. If you have inquiries or any suggestions about this article just leave us your comment below and also touch with us by clicking here.

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