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Java project ideas for intermediate?

What are java project ideas for intermediate?

This is a rundown of amazing Java project ideas for intermediate students that will set off your career in programming. But if you are a beginner who is rather uncertain about launching out on your own, the projects in this mini-guide have been handpicked specifically for you.

They cover a broad range of interests in programming and are customizable to suit your preference. This is why they are called options. Most importantly, they are designed to fine-tune your skills as a programmer so that you eventually become an expert in no time at all.

Why is it Important to Build Java Projects while Learning Java?

Beginning Java programmers have many intricate details to learn to program with Java. However, years into the learning process, you’re still not quite sure why or when to build your code using produced classes and constructors rather than classes that need only be declared (i.e., simple ones such as our Kits class). This article examines various reasons behind each design choice and what it stands for in the larger context of programming discourse.

About Building Java projects

NetBeans supplies both Ant as well as Maven for creating your Java applications. If you are using a standard Java project, the IDE causes an Ant form script established on the choices you enter in the project’s Project Properties dialog box – just like when you create a free-form Java application.

With a standard project structured with the Ant utility, it’s possible to customize the build process by first changing some basic options, such as classpath settings and JAR filters in the project properties file.

  • If you wanted to override any of the default procedures that we’ve already set up for your project.
  • You could do this by generating a new target in build.xml.

By default, the IDE compiles the lessons in a common project when you keep them. This compile-on-save element enables you to run or debug your applications in the IDE without having to stay for the projects to be made. However, this does not build your project JAR file. Before delivering your application to users, use the Build Project command from the Project menu to execute.

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Some Steps to build java projects:-

In projectsforeveryone projects ideas, a project helps you organize your source code, tests, libraries that you use, build instructions, and your settings in a single. 

  • In the new project, select Java from the list on the left.
  • Build Project If the welcome page opens, then click new project.
  • Otherwise, click on the main menu and select new project.
  • To publish Java applications, you need the Java SDK.
    • Select the JDK from the Projects tool window.
  • We’re not going to use any libraries or frameworks (unless necessary) for this tutorial. Click Next.
  • Don’t just leave the default settings on. We’re going to build this project from the ground up, so click next.
  • Then add a project name like Hello.
  • If necessary, switch the default project location to your desired folder. Then click Finish.

Top Java Project Ideas

We provide resources for programmers to improve their job skills by learning how to code Java programs. It’s like the app store for coders in that it contains free and paid applications, productivity tips, tutorials, videos, books, software downloads, forums, and community recommendations.

It also has its own YouTube video channels which can be accessed via Java Video Channels at YouTube. In this particular case, you will be walking through different coding exercises including. The ActionScript Framework Functionality functions as an open innovation suite of modular tools independent of higher-level communication standards.

Some java project 

Airline reservation system project

An online flight reservation system project helps large numbers of commuters by enabling them to book their plane tickets in advance. With it, they don’t have to waste time digging through pamphlets or chatting in a crowded terminal. As soon as the reservation is made and paid for, the commuter is sent an e-mail letting him know that he has a reserved seat on the plane of his choice. The reservation website provides airline information regarding its destination cities and available flights, seating charts, and directions on how to find partners’ businesses while visiting any given destination city.

Advantages of Airline reservation system project

  • In this project, users get notices regarding their flight during booking.
  • User can choose the type of airline which he/her wants to travel to.
  • Users can see the seat map in the interface of a user application.

Library management system project

A Library Management System is software that’s designed to help librarians manage the various functions associated with their library. It helps them organize and maintain their collection of new and borrowed books, including information about when each book was borrowed and when it needs to be returned. A Library Management System automates all the tasks associated with running a library so that librarians are free to devote their energy and attention to other important aspects of managing the library – from managing their budgets and setting up programs for patrons to participate in, to promoting literacy within the community.

Advantages of Library management system project

  • This software is user-friendly as well as simple to operate.
  • You can access it 24*7.
  • It provides functionalities like serial control, cataloging, etc.
  • It is highly secure and efficient database management.
  • This project is cost-effective software for the library.

Electricity billing system project

Electricity Billing System is a software application that calculates the energy consumption of users after checking their specified meter readings. Since it is a Java-based application, it makes it more efficient and easy to manage. It will also allow using the advanced technology to give the best experience for end-users.

Advantages of Electricity billy system

  • You can create professional-looking invoices with multiple templates that are error-free.
  • Recurring billing and filing take up a lot of time, even during the best of times.
  • Recurring payment processes keep business deals, changes, and offers in the loop within customers.
  • All of these are perfect for making the business run smoothly and in line with the plan.

Online School Management System project

Online school management software introduces a new platform by integrating cutting-edge technology into the educational sector. This digital platform is capable of managing school management activities, making them more efficient. School management software provides comprehensive features that not only reduce an institution’s employee’s workload but also streamline its major functionalities like fee collection, academic timetable scheduling, and result declaration.

Advantages of online school management system

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduces Workload
  • Reduction in the cost of communication
  • Transparency with presents increases
  • Increase in enrollment
  • Access from anywhere

Online bank management system

This Java Bank Management System’s functionality focuses on Internet banking, presents account statement lists, administering information, managing accounts, and allows users to do an overview of all the bank management system processing. For further processing of data in the web-based application, a staff member must check each item carefully for errors and potential risks, forwarding the request to be processed further.

Advantages of the bank management system

  • Safely storing the public’s wealth. 
  • The widespread availability of affordable loans. 
  • Propelling the economy forward. 
  • The chances of going bankrupt. 
  • The risk of fraud and robberies.
  • Retail banks. 
  • Commercial banks. 
  • Community development banks.


This article is going to discuss top java project ideas. You need a good understanding of basic java programming, but real-life projects will take your skills to the next level. Many students have already taken up such projects and got a chance to work on them with their expert guidance.
In this competitive world, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient; you need to put your skills into practice. In this article, TechVidvan presents a collection of coding project ideas for beginners that are related to the Java programming language so you can easily master it by putting into practice what you’ve learned and found out through your hard work. site
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