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PHP and MySQL Projects with source code

PHP and MySQL Projects with source code

Get the vastest variety of creative PHP projects topics as well as ideas for your development with source codes at PHP is an open-source as well as a powerful language for web development.

Php-based projects are quite user-friendly for development as well as database processing functions. We possess the greatest list of PHP projects for students, engineers, as well as researchers. These PHP-based systems are provided for PHP development learning as well as understanding through a hands-on project learning kit.

MySQL is an open-source DBMS (DataBase Management System). It was originally coined by co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter, as well as the combination of her name as well as SQL. A language for relating data entry or retrieval to particular tables in databases.

A relational database (RDBMS) is used to organize information from one or more sources into a central location with the capacity to profitably access that information later on. SQL (structured query language) can be used to create, modify, as well as extract data from MySQL databases, as well as control user access to them through security maintenance.

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PHP based projects

Our PHP programming project can be used for both your learning and practicing the language. It comes with a list of projects that are designed to teach you about some of the features of PHP.

Also, introduce you to many more because each one is comprised of multiple sub-sections that allow you to build an application from the start to finish. The majority of our available items come with full source code, database, as well as documentation so that you can use them as a basis for further experimentation.

Projects for students in PHP

PHP is a good programming language for beginners. It’s easy to learn and there are many free resources available online. I have provided a list of free resources available online to learn PHP. Student projects/Assignments are the best ways for you to learn about a programming language. Here are some of the best student PHP projects that can help you improve your PHP programming skills. The following link has PHP projects for students.

Here list of PHP projects with source code and Database:-

Clothes Shopping project in PHP 

It’s an open-sourced HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework to help you quickly create a nice as well as clean design. When you open the index.php file, you’ll see that We’ve added a few variables. They are to define your colors, images, as well as fonts. We’ve also done that, so you can use the same code for future projects.

Gift Shopping Website project in PHP

Gift Shop is a web application that has been developed to automate the process of ordering gifts as well as flowers through the internet. This software not only allows customers to conveniently browse through different options within various categories.

But it also reduces the workload on store staff by taking orders online instead of receiving them in person. Because online shoppers are becoming more common nowadays, having an application like this is bound to be quite beneficial for gift shops around the country when brought into use. 

Grocery Store project in PHP 

Grocery Store Website uses PHP. It allows a client to place an order with the interaction of two administrators to determine if that order is complete and also how it should proceed with its processing. users can search for projects that represent more than one type of product through a search engine and then browse through the list and add items to their cart. A user can also search by category or refine the search results by choosing words or numbers out of a drop-down menu.

Camera Shopping project in PHP

The camera Shopping System is developed using PHP, CSS, as well as JavaScript. The project is useful. This project contains the back-end as well as front-end where a user can view shopping items details, sign up, as well as buy products online. While the admin can add items and users, products, manage them, and more.

Gift shop project in PHP 

This software is designed to be used by people looking for gifts or the ones who already have one in mind. It will help them to find what they are looking for according to a category, price, as well as a sub-category. Through this software, customers can follow up on any updates about the products that may interest them and use them for comparison when shopping online.

PHP and MySQL Projects with source code

Features of PHP

  • Performance
  • Open-source
  • Familiarity with syntax
  • Loosely typed language


PHP is a very popular scripting language that runs on PHP servers. In general, these tend to run much faster than non-PHP servers, especially ones such as JSP and ASP which require support from external servers. The reason for this speed advantage is that PHP scripts run on the PHP server itself and do not access an external server for being processed.


Our PHP Development service gives you unrestricted freedom to develop your customized software in any way possible. Your custom program will be made with our cost-free, specialized components and code.

Familiarity with syntax

PHP has an elegant syntax. It’s similar to other programming languages, making it a great choice for those looking for something familiar yet new enough to feel exciting and challenging.

Loosely typed language

PHP has some nice features that help us out with certain things like declaring variables, for example. If we use a variable without assigning it to a datatype, the language will intelligently guess at what type of data is expected in the variable when it’s executed.

MySQL based projects

Aspiring engineers and developers who are willing to develop their proficiency in database management may want to learn MySQL. What sets this apart from any other programming language, besides the fact that it’s open-source. Well, not only is MySQL easy to learn but there are numerous ways to learn as well. For example, you can use MySQL projects as a learning resource.

PHP and MySQL Projects with source code

Projects for students in MySQL

MySQL is an open-source database that is used to store and retrieve data for applications and websites. The growing popularity of MySQL is fueled by its ability to be used in conjunction with most programming languages available. There is an extensive library of website programming tutorials for MySQL. 

Here list of MySQL projects with source code and Database:-

Pharmacy Store Website Project in Asp.Net with MySQL 

Download a .NET Project for Pharmacy Management:- The new style of website is useful for both Medical and Pharmaceutical companies like Online Medstore. Managing, Distributors & Retailers company can manage medicine category, items, distributor list daily production as well as stock. The distributor can register as well as log in to the system. Distributors can view medicine categories, and items, place an order as well as send payments.

Sports Shopping Website Project in Asp.Net with MySQL 

This is an Online sports shopping website application developed using that deals with all kinds of Sports-related products such as sports goods, accessories, and sportswear. This website allows users to see items, item categories, articles related to sports, and add their articles. This application has another panel (Admin), that can add, delete, and view users, items, and add items categories and sub-categories. users can buy items.

Apparels Cloth Shopping Project in Asp.Net MySQL

The clothing store layout is not new to most people, especially those who have shopped online before. This Online Store has all of the usual form fields that are generally used in an online clothing store such as size, color as well as quantity of the purchasing of the items. This will help other programmers to further understand how they can develop an Online Store of their very own with similar features.

Electronics Shopping Website Project Asp.Net MySQL

The online electronic shop is a project developing is to make purchasing electronics online easy. This product connects customers and retailers through this website, which in turn offers the opportunity for users to buy electronic goods without the need for employees to manually keep track of the sales and purchases. Users can search for the details of stocks of many different types of electronics available.

Job Portal Project in Asp.Net MySql 

job portal project is a web-based application that is implemented in the platform. This application is useful for filling the gap between industries and their required resources in terms of employees. Today, there are many intermediaries between companies and job seekers, so it’s not very efficient to find the right employee to fit a specific job description. To fill in this gap, we have created an online service that lets users maintain profiles and update resumes on posted jobs openings. For more click here

PHP and MySQL Projects with source code

Features of MySQL 

  • Ease of Management
  • High Performance
  • Client-server Architecture
  • Reliable and Fast
  • Connectivity and Security
  • Triggers
  • Concurrency Control

Ease of Management

MySQL is a database management tool that’s simple and simple to use, but it is also an efficient database system. It offers users a robust graphical interface that you can use to easily manage MySQL databases without having to enter manual commands into the terminal.

High Performance

MySQL is a faster and more reliable option when it comes to databases. Due to its secure structure, MySQL can act as your website’s foundation, making it flexible enough to keep up with demand as you grow your business. It has a fast performance rate and easy-to-use software that can allow consumers to access their data easily whenever they want.

Client-Server Architecture

MySQL is an open-source database management program that is capable of storing, retrieving, and manipulating data. MySQL has a client-server architecture with a server that works over the internet. Every computer that runs on an operating system can communicate to the server and request processing of the front-end application. Upon receiving these requests, the server processes them and returns the results to computers.

Reliable and Fast

MySQL stores data very efficiently in the database and frequently this is not redundant. Your database is built on an engine that’s exceptionally well-optimized to handle online transaction processing (OLTP) and has been specifically created to maximize the number of transactions per second in your database.

Connectivity and Security

MySQL web hosting can be distributed over the internet and databases can be accessed from anywhere on the Web. Only authorized users can access the database by creating a MySQL account. To provide additional security, MySQL uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt its connections to protect your data against snooping.


We define triggers as a logical way of storing and using data in the database. They are automatically executed by MySQL when a specific event happens such as when a row is added to or deleted from a table. Triggers have been available in MySQL since version 5.0.

Concurrency Control

Anytime when multiple users try to modify data at once, then it may result in inconsistency in the database and an issue of concurrency control arises. To resolve these types of issues, MySQL has an internal lock management system that prevents issues related to reading/writing at the same time. site
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