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Airline Reservation System in Java


In this airline reservation project with source code, our main priority is to create a booking system. We are going to strengthen the basic functionality of the online flight ticket booking system. Registration of users and adding flight information from the admin side will be strengthened. Users can see all the information about today’s flight timings and book/her desired flights by using online booking system facilities. For example, in the national flight module, the admin allows users to create their username as well as they can search their requirements of national flights, if any flight is available they can book the national flight tickets.

This airline reservation system develops in java. This project is fully dynamic. It works on your computer or system smoothly. We can also provide source code or a database. By source or database, you can change any part of the project according to your requirements. In case you can face any problem or you can’t install this project on your system. Then we provide you with remote installation help. We can solve your problem remotely.

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Airline Reservation System in Java

Module Description

Module Description is a brief, structured description of the module. A module description can be as long as you want it to be. It should clearly explain what the module is about what outcomes are expected, and how they will be measured, and should also describe any prerequisites which apply to this topic. The airline reservation system is built on the Salesforce platform, it has two types of login first is the Admin module (admin users) as well as the User/Employee module in this java project.

Admin Module:-

In this admin module (admin users), we can add flight details like destination place, source code, source place, arrival time, and the number of passengers for each ticket. If a user books a specific seat for their ticket then that seat number will not be available for other users who book the same airline ticket at another date as well as time (since it is originally claimed by someone else). There is also the option to cancel a ticket.

User Module:- 

In this user module, we can book tickets, view flights, send feedback, as well as send messages to the admin. Firstly users can create their account with details like; username, email id, as well as password. After adding these details user can log in to the website and view tickets and book tickets. Users can view flights available on specific routes, via dynamic information provided by the database. 

Minimum Software Requirements

Minimum software requirements are the minimum system requirements that you need to run a program. The requirement of the software is; NetBeans, JDK, MySQL, Notepad++, etc.

Airline Reservation System in Java

What is Java?

Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1991. It was intended to allow programmers to write software that could run on any operating system. which made it ideal for the Internet era. Java has become an important technology used in computer programs as well as Internet applications, especially those running on mobile devices such as cell phones or PDA.

Features of Java

The features of Java are as follows:

It is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language that targets the server-side by default. It has a strong typing system; both primitive types, as well as user-defined classes, can be declared to make code more readable as well as secure.

It supports high-level data abstraction through its class libraries that allow for rapid development of applications with less boilerplate code

Java includes an integrated environment for GUI (Graphical User Interface) development

It provides support for internationalization which allows application developers to write their programs in any one of many languages

The optional garbage collection feature. The ability to create multiple threads. The ability to use remote objects.

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