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PHP vs Python


After reaching the difference between python and PHP. Both languages are useful and great in their ways. Python programming language is the gateway to the machine learning code as well as Artificial intelligence. On the other hand, PHP is server-side scripting and web development language.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is developed in 1995 also known as a server-side scripting language. It is used to develop responsive websites and HTML content over web pages. PHP is famous for generating XML documents, graphics and PDF files, and much more. This programming language is used for general-purpose programming language and also used for developing dynamic web pages. Only the reason PHP is easy to use.

What is Python?

Python is a high-level language. It is developed by Guido Van Rossum and published its first version in 1990. It is also known as interpreted and object-oriented language. Python is used to develop standalone programs and scripting algorithms for several domains. This language is a powerful, portable, and open-source programming language. It is simple to use and learn. Python has many components which do not support other programming languages. Its syntax is easier and more understandable than other programming languages like C&C++, Android, Java, etc.

What is the difference between PHP and python?

PHP Programming Language:-

  • Learning:- It has a low learning curve, it is simple to start with PHP.
  • Framework:- It has a large number of the framework. And also the famous one is laravel.
  • Syntax:- PHP syntax is uncommon as compared to python. PHP has a broad scope of naming patterns.
  • Key features of PHP:- PHP is an open-source programming language. Easy and simple to use. 
  • Language type:- PHP language is a web development programming language.
  • Famous Field:- It is a choice of language in web development.
  • Maintain:- PHP programming language is difficult to maintain.

Python Programming Language:-

  • Learning:- It is better than PHP for big projects. 
  • Framework:- As compared to PHP, python has a low number of frameworks. And also the famous ones are Django, Flask.
  • Syntax:- Its syntax is easy to learn. The human can easily understand the python syntax. Because its syntax is similar to human language.
  • Key features of Python:- Less time required in code. Less line of code. dynamic code typing. It is easy as well as simple to use as compared to PHP. 
  • Language type:- Python language is a general-purpose language. 
  • Famous Field:- Machine learning, Automation task, etc.
  • Maintain:- 2016 python language popularity is grown.

Can PHP and python work together?

Yes, python and PHP work together. I will work, and how risky it depends on how good your knowledge of your implementation is. This is acceptable if you can be done it correctly. PHP and Python are also used for web development. Both languages provide powerful and well-designed web development frameworks. site
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