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Scripting Language vs Programming Language

Programming Vs Scripting

In simple words, both languages are used in software development, but the programming language is an artificial language that allows transmission between instructions as well as machines, whereas scripting language is a form of programming language which helps to manage one or numerous applications without the need for compilation.  


The scripting language is a programming language specially designed for developing software. The scripting language automatically executes the code. These languages are usually quick and fast the source or byte code. Language is an open-source scripting language, which is supported by nearly every forum. It’s depending on your focus and circumstances, using a scripting language is better.

There are two main types of a scripting language:- 

  • Server – Side Scripting Language
  • Client-side Scripting Language

Server – Side Scripting Language:- It is used for creating responsive web pages as well as executed on the webserver. PHP, Python, Node.js. Server-Side Scripting language is perform important roles in backend operations in server-side scripting languages.

Client-side Scripting Language:- It runs off the browsers. HTML, JQuery, CSS, as well as JavaScript these languages are considered frontend operations in client-side scripting languages.

Features of Scripting Language 

  • Simple to learn and use:- They are simple to learn and implement. JavaScript as well as PHP are some of the simplest scripting languages.
  • Open-source:- Scripting language is an open-source language which means there is no limit use of scripting language.
  • Powerful and extensible:- This language is a powerful language. Scripting languages are also highly extensible that is you can add certain features.
  • Cross-platform:- Scripting languages are portable and cross-platform, as they execute the code on a remote server or visitor’s web browser. This means the scripting language does not want any additional software to run the code.
  • Runtime Execution:- It is the most important part of the scripting language that makes it most important in application development.
  • Safe and Secure:- This language is safe & Secure language. A scripting language does not authorize any operations to perform from the script as well as actually stops code from accessing information kept in the script.
Programming Language For blog

What is Programming Language?

Programming language is used for interacting with computer language which is created for building desktop apps, mobile apps, as well as websites. C, C++, JavaScript, Angular, PHP, Python, Java these languages are an example of programming languages.

Programming languages are classified into 3 Categories:-

  • Machine Language:- This language is a type of low-level language that is only understood by the computer easily.
  • High-level Language:- High-level language is used for developing user-friendly websites as well as software. A high-Level language necessitates the use of an interpreter to convert the code written by the user to the machine language (binary language).
  • Assembly Language:- Assembly language is also a low-level language that is creates for processors. This language is a symbolic langauage, only humans can understand this language. It transforms the assembly language into machine language.

Features of Programming Language 

  • Simplicity:- Most current languages like Python have an easy programming learning choice. There is usually a tradeoff between the clarity of a language and its speed.
  • Structure:- Every programming language observes a useful predefined structure like predefined syntax, as well as semantics, etc. 
  • Efficiency:- To avoid saving too much memory or taking long, programming language istranslate as well as executed efficiently.
  • Portability:- Programming languages are portable languages, which means that they should be easy to transfer from one computer to another.

Is Scripting Language and Programming Language the same?

No, scripting language and programming language are not exactly the same. Programming languages were designed to make complicated software, whereas scripting languages were designed to help programming languages.


The plurality of programs and software are written in programming languages, although functionality is determined using scripting languages. While the programming languages are used to design programs and software from scratch, scripting languages are used to include other functionalities into the program.
The growing requests for responsive web pages as well as apps have different intensified the request for scripting languages. Scripting languages are attractive structures that are the base of programming languages. site
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